Your Senior Portrait Appointment

You should receive a card like this in the mail approximately two weeks before your appointment date.

The Date, Time and Location for your appointment will be located on this postcard.

The Appointment Letter is mailed to the address provided to us by your school.

If you have recently moved or have a different address than what the school has on record, please call our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Session Fee? - The $30 Session Fee is your sitting fee and covers part of the cost of printing your Personality Proof Album and providing your school with images for the yearbook. The Session Fee is required in order to receive proofs of your portraits.


2. Do I have to pay the Session Fee? - To receive proofs of your portraits, you will need to pay the $30 Session Fee. If you only wish to be photographed for the yearbook, you do not have to pay the Session Fee, however, you will only be photographed in your tux or drape for the yearbook (2-3 images at most).


3. What if I can't make my scheduled appointment? - If you have a scheduling conflict prior to your appointment, please call our office and we can try to give you another time/date. If you miss your appointment, your school may schedule a make-up day. In this case, you will receive another appointment card in the mail with your new date and time. If you are unable to take outdoor portraits due to the weather, please call our office.


4. How long should I plan for my appointment? - Depending on the number of outfits and the number of seniors, we typically allow for 1 - 1 1/2 hours.


5. How many outfits can I bring/What should I wear? - Your $30 Session Fee includes your tux/drape and allows for you to bring up to 3 outfits of your own. You may bring additional outfits are $5 each. Wear clothes that are appropriate and best define you. Feel free to bring jerseys or uniforms as well.


6. Do I have to bring my own tux/drape? - We will provide the tux and drape for your Formal portraits. Girls, please wear or bring something strapless or with spaghetti straps to wear under your drape.


7. Does the tux/drape count as an outfit? - No. You are allowed an additional 3 outfits for your $30 Session Fee.


8. Can I bring props? - Yes, as long as they are approved by the school.


9. Can I be photographed with my car? - Depending on the location for the Outdoor portraits, we should be able to accommodate most requests for portraits with vehicles.


10. Can I be photographed with friends/pets/family? - Yes. Pets must be approved by the school prior to your appointment. Friends and family are more than welcome to be a part of your Senior Portrait Session.


11. Where will my Senior Portraits be taken? - Most appointments are done at the school. The location for your appointment is also listed under your appointment time on the card you received in the mail. Outdoor locations will be determined by the school.


12. What if the weather is bad? - Indoor portraits will continue as scheduled unless severe weather causes the school to close. Outdoor portraits may be rescheduled or done at an alternative location. If you miss your outdoor portraits due to weather, please call our office.


13. What should I do if I never received a card in the mail? - Appointment cards are mailed to the address we receive from the school. If you have moved or live at a different address than what the school has on file, please call our office and we can tell you your appointment time. Please be sure to update your address with the school so that you do not miss other communications from our office.


14. How long should it take to get my portraits back? - Typically, it will take 4-6 weeks to get your Personality Proof Album. You will receive a card in the mail to let you know that your proof album is ready to pick up a the school. When you pick up your Personality Proof Album, you will receive a notice of the date and time to return to the school to place your order. Orders typically take 6-8 weeks.


15. What is the Personality Proof Album? - The Personality Proof Album is a book containing all of your images from your Senior Portrait Session. This book is the property of Bill Miller Photographers and is intended for providing proofs to assist you in ordering. Copying, scanning, photographing the images in the Personality Proof Album is a violation of copyright law. This includes posting images to social media sites and printing images.


16. Will there be a make-up day? - This is determined by the school. If your school schedules a make-up day and you missed your appointment, we will send you a card with a new appointment. If you would like to have your portraits remade (a second appointment), you will need to contact our office to schedule a time and pay another $30 Session Fee.

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